Diagnosis, now what?

A friend of mine texted me from the hospital about a week ago. Her 21-year-old son was in the emergency room with severe stomach cramps. The diagnosis was Crohn’s disease. She texted me because she knows that I’ve dealt with the dis-ease for 5 years now.

You’ve gotten your diagnosis. Now what?

It was like I had to do something. I couldn’t not do something.

So, I baked, and baked, made yogurt, and baked some more.

I wanted this young person to realize two things: he’s not alone and just by changing up his diet, he could live with this dis-ease.

There is so much information on the internet about different diagnosis and what has worked for these individuals. Do your research. Include your doctor. I saw my gastro every 6 months for 3 years. He finally stopped pulling out the scrip pad. (To date, I’ve not been on any meds.) I am now on a regular gastro check!!

I was recalling when I first got diagnosed. For me, it was relief. I finally knew what was causing all the issues. It took the doctor 1.5 years to diagnose me! I think when anyone receives a diagnosis of “…you’ll be living with this for the rest of your life..”, it can throw you in a tailspin. I know I went through the 5 stages of grief:

  • denial – There had to be a wrong diagnosis. I was eating healthy and exercising….doing all the right things. How could this be?
  • anger – It was just so unfair!
  • bargaining – but if I just did …..
  • depression – probably hung out in this phase the longest. I had quite the pity party.
  • acceptance – Ok, enough already. What can I do to take control of my own health? What would I like my health to look like?

Each of us is unique. Each of us has our own set of circumstances. Reach out to someone. Seek counseling. Whatever gets you through it. If you know of someone struggling with digestive issues, do your own research. Offer to make a meal. I had surgery last year and a couple of close friends made food I could eat. It was so wonderful! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Whatever you decide, take it one day at a time and remember to breathe!

A truffle a day…

My friend Shirley, at Gluten Free Easily, posted the Coco-nutty Truffles link from themommybowl.com. One look at the picture and ingredients and I just had to make them! With my real food kitchen, I had all the ingredients on hand. I was too impatient to wait for the “dough” to set up in the frig so I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. I used a melon baller to scoop out these tasty tidbits. I’m all about using tools for other than their “intended” use. I attempted to use a mini heart-shaped ice cube tray to mold them, but alas, they turned out to be tiny blogs of tasty tidbits!

Coco Nutty Truffles

Coco Nutty Truffles from themommybowl.com

The Best Ninja scones ever!

Ninja bread men scones

Ninja bread men scones ready for battle!

The Ninja Bread Men cookie cutters were given to me by a friend. He got them at www.thinkgeek.com. I can’t eat any starch-based flours. However, I can cook with almond flour. I found a scone recipe at SCDrecipe.com. The dough was a little soft to use for cutout dough, so I only made 3 of them. It was quite enjoyable to eat them in a ninja shape!!

Real food defined

Okay, I need to get into the rhythm of blogging. Yikes! I can’t believe
over a week has passed since my last (first) post!

According to Dictionary.com, real is defined as:

  • genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or imitation;
    a real antique; a real diamond; real silk.

According to Dictionary.com,food is defined as:

  • any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or
    otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide
    energy, promote growth, etc.

So, when I combine the definitions, my definition of  real food is:

  • genuine and authentic (no artificial ingredients) nourishing substances
    that are eaten or drunk  to sustain life, provide energy, and promote growth.

I believe that we need to take responsibility for our health and do our own research as to what might help us as an individual. Just because “they’ve always done it this way..” doesn’t mean that’s the way it works for you. I’m not saying to ignore doctor’s advice/orders, just to be informed as much as you can. You’re the one who has to live with your body day in and day out. (Be sure to check out the fine print on my about page!)

Where to begin?

Ah yes, my first post. I have my friend Ava to thank for helping me with the name. The concept, well, that’s entirely mine. Now that I’ve implemented it, I’m not sure where to begin.

I have a love/hate relationship with food. Don’t get me wrong. I like to eat. However, my body can’t process most foods. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 5 years ago. It took doctors almost 2 years to diagnose me. I’m one of those people who you just can’t give me too much information. I enjoy details. So, off to the web to search what others were doing. There are so many people with so many diets and so much information. It’s quite overwhelming! I recently went into a (physical) bookstore and they had 5 bookcases full of diet books!

Through trial and error, I’ve found what works for me. I’ve also not been on any medications. I still seek out information to add just a bit more food that is “safe” for me to eat.

The purpose of this blog is to share the information and offer hope to those that are struggling.

Oh yeah, I’m quite a geek too, so I will be sharing geekified stuff too!